Monday, April 1, 2013

Here's what David Robert Weible at Preservation Magazine said about the book;

Gross and Daley balance the physical details of these intricate places with the story of their humanity, weaving a light but engaging tale of how each came to be and the satisfaction their restoration and maintenance has given their owners. Though the photos are expertly taken, each house maintains its genuine lived-in quality. Nothing feels staged or contrived.
But above all, the greatest joy is just looking at the beautiful time-worn places and appreciating the way those that came before led a happy and fulfilling life of simplicity and utility within their walls.
If you’re a city dweller, Farmhouse Revival may just leave you with angst for the country, and a more simplistic life in your own farmhouse. For once you have read this book, you will realize that in many ways, it is the farmhouse that helps to restore us, and not the other way around.